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Jiaozuo Houji Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the Chemical Industrial Park of Industrial Concentration Area of Qinyang city, with CNY 10 million of registered capital, 66,700sqm of lands and Chlorinated paraffin as main product.  After the main project is finished, we will be able to sell CNY 600 million of products and get CNY 80 million of profit and tax per year. With the total investment of CNY 26 million, this Chlorinated paraffin project can produce 100,000 tons of Chlorinated paraffin every year. Taking the advantages of Haohua Yuhang Chemicals Co., Ltd. on materials, the first stage of this project will be able to produce 50,000 tons of products annually, which need 60,000 tons of liquid chlorine materials from Haohua Yuhang Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Chlorinated paraffin is the chlorinated derivatives of paraffin hydrocarbon. With the features as low volatility, non-toxicity, flame retardant, good electrical insulation and low price, etc, it can be used as the flame retardant and secondary plasticizer of polyvinyl chloride. Now, it is widely used in the production of cable materials, floor materials, hoses, artificial leather and rubber, as well as applied in coatings and lubricants as additive. As to the plasticizer series of China, chlorinated paraffin ranks third position just behind DOP and DBP.

Adhering to the philosophy of "technology first, honesty supreme, create profit by righteousness, develop business by virtue", we have always been working hard to collect the first-class talents, and striving for such goal of “leading technology, leader of industry and outstanding quality” and  creating a brilliant business.    Once we became a big company, we are going to struggle for new goal of “how to be a leading company with leading products”!

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